Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper


daisy_knotwise and I arrived at the airport early, but with no seat assignment in hand, nor could we get one when we checked in. It turned out that the flight was just a wee bit overbooked. They were looking for volunteers to give up their seats, which we weren't particularly interested in doing. (Not for a 6 AM flight the following morning...)

Eventually, they called our names and gave us two boarding passes. It turned out that they'd upgraded us to Business Class. I discover I could rather get to like Business Class. *sigh*

We finally arrived in Denver, picked up the rental car, and made it down to Jeff and Carol's place in Colorado Springs a bit after 10 PM.

Today, I took Jeff out and he bought a big-screen TV. More about that later.
Tags: musings

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