Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Overkill Drill

daisy_knotwise and I had a pleasant lunch with Steve and Dorotha, who are in town for Christmas. Gretchen headed back to work and the rest of us went forth to Guitar Works in Evanston, where Steve eventually left with a new Taylor 12-string guitar.

This evening, Gretchen and I went to Home Depot where I bought a cordless drill (probably larger than I needed) to replace the corded Black & Decker drill that's gone missing. This will, of course, cause the missing drill to reappear.

And the lovely new external RAID box is assembled and running, the Cardbus adapter is installed in the laptop, and the laptop doesn't see the external drive. This is annoying. The next step is to buy a USB to serial adapter so that I can connect to the drive and see what it thinks it's doing. *sigh*
Tags: musings, tech

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