Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

So Far, So Good

daisy_knotwise and I arrived at Heathrow this morning after a flight that was mostly unremarkable, save for the turbulence and the one young woman who was hyperventilating and ended up being fed oxygen by the crew. oreouk picked us up from the airport without incident. Amy was vying for the part of "World's Cutest and Most Reasonable Baby", having come along for the occasion.

We arrived back at Casa Allcock where demoneyes was finishing up his new song, which Alex was already learning, possibly for the purpose of tormenting his sister in future years. We crawled into bed for a nap, woke up, spent the evening visiting, and are now planning to get some more sleep before heading into London tomorrow.

I have so far avoided any killer escalators, but there's always tomorrow!
Tags: filk, musings, vacation

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