Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Traipsing Around the British Museum

daisy_knotwise and I headed into London today, making excellent use of the 1-day unlimited travel pass that oreouk had suggested. The currency exchange that she'd recommended has either disappeared or I couldn't find it, so I avoided getting disastrously ripped off by the money changer at Charing Cross, and we headed back for lunch with Lissa and the_gwenzilliad. Gwen passed us the loaner mobile phone and Gretchen and I set off for the British Museum.

As it happened, we popped out of the Underground directly in front of the theater that's playing We Will Rock You, the Queen musical. We'd talked about seeing a matinee, but they don't have any matinees until Saturday, and we'd really rather be at 1812 Tones then.

Off to the British Museum then, where we saw a great many artifacts and tired ourselves out. Then back to the Underground station, where we discovered that we couldn't get back via the line we'd come in on, because they'd closed the platform to work on it. Quick, Gretchen, the map!

We rerouted with an extra change and got back to London Bridge station, grabbed something to drink, and barely missed the train to Gravesend, so we got back a good bit later than we'd intended. But we eventually did get back, called Lissa, and were rescued from the station.

Everyone's off to bed now, where I should be shortly.
Tags: filk, musings, vacation

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