Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Tromping Around London

A bit more tromping around than daisy_knotwise had in mind, but a good time in any case.

We got tickets for the Big Bus tour, then jumped off after two stops to see Westminster Abbey, which is spectacular. Unfortunately, the next stop for the Big Bus wasn't well marked and we ended up walking past it and all the way to Victoria Station where we had lunch and rejoined the bus tour. This meant we missed a close look at Buckingham Palace, but we would have needed to walk up there since the bus was going the wrong way.

We rode back around on the tour past the east side of London and got off at the London Eye as it was getting dark. This made for a nice half-hour ride looking at the lights of the city. Then we walked back to Charing Cross and caught a train back to oreouk and demoneyes's house.

Tomorrow, we're off to see a matinee of The Producers. I grabbed the tickets before we got on the bus...
Tags: filk, musings, vacation

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