Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

The Radio Capricon Filk Lineup

Here's the schedule for the two hours of filk programming on Radio Capricon, posted here partly because I can't find Eric's e-mail address. :)

Hour 1:

Banned From Argo -- Leslie Fish
Tiberius Rising -- Urban Tapestry
Stray Dog Man -- Bill Sutton
I Pop Pills -- Nate Bucklin
Storm Dancing -- Tom Smith
Wind in the Pipes -- Meg Davis
The Elf Glade -- Meg Davis
Soldier, Ask Not -- Bill Roper
Quaddie Ballet -- Echo's Children
Catseye -- Nate Bucklin
Cinnamon Rain -- Bill Roper
Red Roses -- Erica Neely
Summer Storm -- Wild Mercy
Starship and Haiku -- Kathy Mar
Rocket Ride -- Tom Smith

Hour 2:

Monorail to Atomland -- The Black Book Band
The Illuminati Polka -- Tom Smith
Who Owns the Bones? -- Dr. Jane Robinson
How Far Back Does Music Go? -- Echo's Children
Sex and Chocolate -- Urban Tapestry
The Chart Song -- Nate Bucklin
A Thousand Ships -- Juliane Honisch & Katy Droege
Christopher Robin -- Erica Neely
A Boy and His Frog -- Tom Smith
Acts of Creation -- Kathy Mar
I Just Love Those Old B-Movies -- Steve Macdonald
Madman on the Watchtower -- The Black Book Band
Rise and Strike For Dorsai -- Marty Burke and Dandelion Wine
One Last Dance -- Bill Roper
Hope Eyrie -- Leslie Fish
Tags: cons, filk, musings

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