Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Back From Capricon

daisy_knotwise and I are back from Capricon -- or, at least, we both were until she called back to the hotel to ask what she should do with the radio that she took from the Art Show when they (all from out of town) really wanted to leave the hotel and it turned out that Ops had folded up temporarily to get dinner too.

I had a fine time, but I'm just exhausted. Filk was much fun, including daisy_knotwise, catalana, min0taur, singlemaltsilk, tigertoy, tollers, quadrivium, markbernstein, filker0, almeda, and probably several others whose LJ handles are plumb eluding me at this moment. I had a good time running live sound for Wild Mercy, which was the only one of the main concerts that I saw.

Note for next year: the Internet Cafe and Filk Programming need to coordinate their schedules so that they're not counter-programming one filk/music event against another. I was up against a music session that Moonwulf was running; catalana was up against another similar session; while Kat Eggleston was up against Wild Mercy. This is counter-productive. However, since next year's Chair (daisy_knotwise) informs me that I'm running Filk next year, I think I can work this out. :)

I missed filkertom's concert (after setting mics), because it was right after Wild Mercy and I really needed to go get dinner, since I'd gone straight from the Dealers' Room to Wild Mercy setup. I'm having this scheduling problem with Tom's concerts...

daddy_guido ran a good con. The Program Book was one of the best that I've seen -- and guys, you should think about posting it archivally on your website, because it was just that good.

There were various rough spots in the pre-con planning for having the Dorsai Irregulars help run the Art Show, but it turned out to be a case of all's well that ends well. If the DI work the Art Show again next year, it'll be much smoother. And I got a really nice glass paperweight by an artist whose name I've cleverly forgotten. (Although I don't think I ever had time to walk around the Dealers' Room, despite the amount of time I spent there.)

Many thanks to catalana for skipping the Dead Dog filk on Sunday to help me pack up the table while daisy_knotwise was dealing with the vicissitudes of being outgoing Dealers' Room Head and incoming Chair.

Much fun, much good conversation, absolute exhaustion. Must have been a good con. :)
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