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Bill Roper's Journal
More WindyCon Art Show Stuff 
26th-Jan-2004 09:34 pm
Because we're applying for 501(c)3 status, I've had to generate some more info on the 2003 WindyCon Art Show. I don't have the Print Shop data, but the Art Show sold $11,148 exclusive of charity and estate items. Over 90 artists displayed over 1000 pieces of their artwork at the con. I can cope with that. :)

The Gordon Dickson Estate Sale raised $19,390 at the WindyCon Art Show to help settle Gordy's estate. And I'm happy about that too.

(Gordy's estate sale pulled a number of people into the Art Show who wouldn't normally have been there spending money. If I had added up the numbers from last year, I could tell whether the other sales were higher or lower, but I confess to being lazy. Overall though, neither one are bad looking numbers.)
28th-Jan-2004 08:43 pm (UTC)
Could you say more about the Gordon Dickson estate sale? This is the first I've heard of it. I'm not surprised that it has happened, but it is the first I've heard. What was sold?

Thanks Bill!
28th-Jan-2004 09:45 pm (UTC)
Sure! I spoke to Dave Wixon at Minicon last year and he mentioned that he had a fair amount of original art related to Gordy's books and stories that Gordy had collected over the years. The vast majority of the illustrations were Kelly Freas from the 1970s, including Analog covers, book covers, and a large number of interior black and white illos. He was looking for a good way to sell them.

I told him that the best thing to do would be to take them to Worldcon, but with the next U.S. Worldcon not until 2004 (and the difficulty of taking them to Toronto), Dave really didn't have the option of waiting that long. Since I was running the WindyCon Art Show, I suggested that would be a reasonable target, far enough in the future to allow some publicity, large enough to generate a goodly number of buyers.

Alex Eisenstein and Robert Weinberg, two of our local art collectors, helped out by suggesting minimum prices for the pieces with an eye toward -- as Dave wanted -- making sure that the art sold. The minimums were relatively low, but the final sales prices frequently weren't, especially for Kelly's cover art.

I bid a painfully large amount for Kelly's Analog cover for The Pritcher Mass. I didn't get the cover, but it was a painfully large amount. :)

I believe there were just a few pieces that didn't sell, all B&W interior illos that had been a bit stressed during the years.
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