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Bill Roper's Journal
Fantasy Rain Delays 
25th-Feb-2006 10:33 am
I'm hustling to try to finish up my season of APBA baseball (a cards and dice fantasy managerial role-playing game). As of last week, I had 35 games left to play, but I knocked off 14, going 5-9 and dropping my team's record back to .500. (A tragic inability to roll a useful number when needed. Ah well.)

I'm supposed to play 7 games against Lanny today and he was supposed to be here at 10 AM. At 10:30, he called and let me know that he was running late and he'd be at the El for pickup in 30-40 minutes. With luck, we'll still get all the games played before he leaves for his parents' anniversary party.

And I was supposed to play another 5 games with the hard-to-schedule Rich H. on Sunday, but his wife's estranged father died, which is one of the best of all excuses for canceling, but -- because he works second shift and on Saturdays -- I can only schedule him on Sundays.

And the next two Sundays I have things that I'm actually committed to doing.

Well, sooner or later...
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