Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Consonance Continues

We're having a blast. daisy_knotwise and my concert last night went really well, with several people in danger of hurting themselves during My Husband, the Filker. The filk went on long into the night, but we crashed about 3 AM since we had an improv workshop this morning (which actually attracted half a dozen folks at 10 AM, a victory condition by our reckoning!).

We just got done with an interview with the film crew that's working on the filk film project. A couple of them live in our neighborhood, one of whom is eerily reminiscent of Kim Williams, Marcon's chair. We must introduce them sometime.

There's been a tremendous amount of good music. If only I had enough sleep to remember it all...

But there's been Puzzlebox, and singlemaltsilk, and Christo (whose LJ handle I've misplaced), catalana, Kathleen, and the Gold's and other folks whose names I'm still learning. (I have a memory for names that's positively sieve like.)

And the Interfilk auction raised over $3000, which was also a good thing.

Ah, well. Off to the con suite (burp!) and back to the filk!
Tags: cons, filk, musings

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