Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Answers to Yesterday's Baseball Quiz

Yesterday, I posted a multiple-choice baseball quiz. The answers (and annotations) are behind the cut tag, so don't peek if you want to test your baseball trivia knowledge:

1. Mayor Daley set off the air raid sirens to celebrate the White Sox winning the pennant in 1959. We heard a lot about this when the White Sox clinched the pennant last year, so I figured it was fair game.

2. Hack Wilson with 190 RBI holds the NL single season record.

3. Harold Baines was traded from the White Sox to the Texas Rangers. His number 3 was subsequently retired by the Sox, even though Baines was still playing elsewhere. Michael Jordan's 23 was retired by the Bulls, which is not a baseball team, but nice try!

4. The Chicago Whales of the Federal League played at Weeghman Field. The Cubs moved in after the Federal League folded.

5. Ryne Sandberg. If you were paying attention last summer, this was a gimmee.

6. Because it was built across the street from the original Comiskey Park, you're facing in the -- unusual for baseball parks -- direction of southeast.

7. Sammy Sosa. How soon we forget.

8. The Chicago White Stockings. The other two nicknames were used later, before eventually settling on the Cubs.

9. Kerry Wood did it against the Astros.

10. Eddie Gaedel was the midget that the St. Louis Browns sent to the plate when Bill Veeck owned them. He walked on four pitches. The commissioner told Veeck to never do that again. Of course, the commissioner told that to Veeck a lot.

11. Who is famous steroid user, Rafael Palmeiro, Alex?

12. Bruce Sutter, in a game that Cardinals fans still recall with a bit of pain.

13. Buck Weaver knew about the fix, but never took any money. Interestingly, Charlie Comiskey, the Sox owner probably knew about the fix too, but he's in the Hall of Fame. Funny how that works...

14. Umpire Angel Hernandez had badly blown a call at the plate earlier in the game and the crowd had been riding the umpires ever since. Steve McMichael, who had moved on to pro wrestling after his football career, was ejected from the broadcast booth for his intemperate remark. The fans loved it. The umpiring crew, not so much.

15. Bill Veeck was the White Sox owner who started the tradition of having Harry sing during the seventh inning stretch. Part of his theory was that Harry was such a bad singer that no one would be intimidated about singing along. Of course, since Harry died, we've heard a lot of really awful renditions of the song, including Mike Ditka's and Ozzy Ozbourne's. Ack!
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