Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Minimum Requirements

Much like daisy_knotwise (but slightly earlier in the day), I headed over to our local polling place to vote against the incumbent Cook County Board President (and to vote for Siobhan Murphy for judge as long as I was there :) ). They asked if I wanted to use the touch-screen voting system and I said, "Sure!"

It was reasonably easy to use, did not tell anyone else that I'd deliberately undervoted by skipping at least one race where I had no opinion whatsoever, and generated a paper copy of my ballot which it displayed to me and sealed away on a spool in its innards. I can see where some people might have had a problem reading the paper copy of the ballot -- the lighting was less than perfect -- but other than that, this system seems to meet the minimum requirements for an electronic voting system.
Tags: cool, musings, tech

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