Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Without Honor

A week ago Monday, I came back to work to discover that there were still Friday newspapers in the Chicago Tribune honor box here at work. When they were still there on Tuesday, I called the Tribune to complain.

At the 1-800-TRIBUNE number, which is the only published number to complain about missing newspapers, you have about a 50/50 chance of either getting someone who will take your complaint or getting fobbed off somewhere else. On Tuesday, they took the complaint.

On Wednesday, the box was empty and standing open. It seems that the complaint had been passed along and the person filling the box had decided to solve his problem by making sure that there would never be newspapers in the box again. I called to complain and got fobbed off elsewhere, landing on voice mail.

On Thursday, the box was still empty. I called to complain, got fobbed off to a different number, where they referred me to the distributor responsible for Skokie. When I called that number, I was told it was another guy -- and was given his number -- and transferred over to him. He promised to do something about it.

Friday, still no newspapers. I called back and got voice mail. No response.

Monday, still no newspapers. More voice mail.

Tuesday, still no newspapers. More voice mail at the Skokie distributor. I called the 1-800-TRIBUNE number to complain. They took the complaint.

Wednesday, still no newspapers. I turn it around to face the wall. If I'd had a lily to stick in it, I would have. I call the 1-800-TRIBUNE number to complain and am fobbed off to the number which had given me the number of the Skokie distributor. Remarkably, I get a human being who is actually concerned about the problem. She later calls me back to let me know that the guy I'd been leaving voice mail for in Skokie was no longer working there and that she was trying to escalate this to the regional supervisor.

Thursday, still no newspapers in the box, although someone has turned it around to face front again. But there is a call on my voice mail from the regional supervisor, who leaves his number and asks me to let him know if the problem doesn't get solved. So I call him back and let him know that we are still SON. (Not too hard to figure out, I hope.) He apologizes for the inconvenience and promises that it will be fixed and we will get newspapers in the honor box again.

We'll see what shows up tomorrow.

I suppose I shouldn't let these things annoy me, but I resent being inconvenienced by someone who has decided that he doesn't need to actually do his job.
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