Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Drafting Complete!

And our annual baseball draft was finished in record time today, taking less than four hours for the actual draft phase. By the time we'd assembled rosters and run the computer-based half of the season, it was a bit longer, but all in all a good time.

My bullpen had completely disintegrated, so I spent my first three picks on relief pitching, adding Dan Wheeler, Justin Duchscherer, and Dustin Hermanson. (Yes, the last of them is badly injured, but he's useful for this year and relievers tend to go sour from year to year anyway.)

In the fourth round, no one had taken a catcher, so I took Ramon Hernandez, the best available catcher who will split time with Paul LoDuca. Jesse Crain finished off the bullpen in the fifth.

In the sixth round, I needed an outfielder and picked up Ken Griffey Jr. who I'd cut the previous year. That happens. In the seventh round, I went for a young first baseman, Chris Shelton, to back up Teixeira. The eighth round saw me spend a pick on Rickie Weeks as a second base prospect and the ninth round was where I grabbed Aaron Miles as a defensive replacement for Marcus Giles after one of the other managers cut Miles. No one understood why he'd cut him; I just took advantage of it.

In the tenth round, I picked up Joey Gathright as a useful fifth outfielder and prospect. I needed one more starting pitcher and added the currently disabled (but talented) C.C. Sabathia. Finally, I closed out my picks by drafting Yadier Molina as a catching prospect.

I finished tied for third in the computer-half of the season, but this team really wasn't built for the computer. We'll see what it does in the face-to-face play.
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