Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Squashing Bugs

Fixed a bug this morning that one of the testers found. It's not a new bug, so we won't try to cram it into the code-frozen release at this late date, although there is one bug that is going to get fixed there. It was a trivial fix once it was pointed out.

Then I fixed another bug in some new code that Doug had written for the next release. This was also a trivial fix -- I just knew where to get the piece of data that he needed to make his code do what he wanted it to.

And then I got asked if I was going to fix the obscure bug in our Excel export, which uses the nasty, no-longer-supported Formula One code. We'd looked at this one before and had come up empty.

Two hours later, I discovered that if I added one additional function call to our code, I could make the problem go away.

Having produced one minor miracle, I'm now apprehensively waiting to be asked to produce another one, in the section of the code where I've written a seven page document explaining why we shouldn't try to fix this comparatively minor problem until we rewrite all of the code in the neighborhood.

But we'll see.
Tags: musings, work

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