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Upshade, Downshade

So after the adventure with the light-blocking shade in our bedroom which we took in for warranty repair when the string broke, daisy_knotwise was told to bring it on Friday and we could have it back on Saturday. When she went in to pick it up, the woman noted that "the sticker on the shade claimed it was five inches shorter, which is why they cut the strings to that length" (Really? We didn't have that problem the last time the string broke.) and "our window must be crooked, because the shade hung perfectly at their shop". (Yes, we've had a bit of settlement, but no, the window is not crooked.)

We rehung the shade with substantially less trouble, having figured out the secret incantation at 59 minutes into the hour we spent doing it the last time. Gretchen pulled on the string and it glided majestically to the bottom of the window, straight as an arrow.

If only the upper part of the string had stayed tucked into the little plastic bead that joins it to the bottom part of the string.

I called the store. A repair person will call on Monday and make an appointment to come out and put the string back in one piece. Gretchen tried tying it off, but the inch you lose that way is enough that the shade won't reach the bottom of the window.

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