Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
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It's a slow afternoon, so I decided it was time to fix up my office computer. The motherboard only has USB 1.1, which is really slow when I'm trying to upload pictures from daisy_knotwise's new digital camera. I'd picked up a combo USB 2.0 / Firewire card at CompUSA about a month ago and had been waiting for the right time to open up the computer and stuff it in there.

While I was in there, I pulled off the front panel -- more of a challenge than it should have been -- and reseated the USB 1.1 connector that had popped loose. This required removing all the drives and recabling them when done. And I reconnected the multiformat flash card reader in the front of the box to the new USB card.

When I finally rebooted, the RAID array reported that one of the drives wasn't coming up. After two more recabling attempts, I got power to the drive and all now appears to be well. We'll see how the flash reader works when Gretchen gets back with the camera. I gave it to her this morning, because I wanted to take some pictures while we were out for lunch, but I forgot to get it back before she went out shopping.
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