Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

The Fix Was In. Is This a Surprise?

I turned on the radio this morning to discover that Rosemont has been awarded the 10th casino license in Illinois.

Apparently, the Illinois Gaming Board, which once had the guts to refuse to allow a casino to open in Rosemont because of a variety of Mob-related activities, has now been successfully neutered by George Ryan and his successor as Illinois governor, Rod Blagojevitch. The board's staff recommended giving the license to a competing bid from Des Plaines, but the staff was overruled by the board.

One of the reasons cited for the board's decision was that Rosemont would sue if they didn't get the license and would keep it tied up in court. And the reason that they would sue was because they had spent money on construction for a casino that wasn't yet authorized by law, in violation of the gaming regulations.

Of course, that was the previous board. We have a different board now.

And the finest government that money can buy.
Tags: musings, politics

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