Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

More Certainties

The Illinois and Minnesota Dodeka tax filings are now done. Tomorrow, I can copy them and get them ready to mail out, then I can take a copy to my accountant along with the info for my dad's trust return. Phew.

Speaking of phew, or perhaps pee-yoo, daisy_knotwise and I went to Wrigley to watch the Cubs and Mark Prior's first start of the season against the Tigers. Unfortunately, the rain in the top of the first didn't agree with Prior as he gave up three homers and six runs, five earned. That was in the first. He actually pitched pretty effectively after that (although he did give up two more solo shots later). By the time the game was over and the arson squad had finished its work in relief of Prior, the Tigers had hit eight homers (tying a team record) and scored twelve runs, while the Cubs managed three solo homers and three runs, grounding into double plays at every opportunity (two).
Tags: baseball, cubs, filk, home, musings
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