Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Moving Day

The old desk needed to go to Sam and Bonnie's (their garage for the moment, until they get their floors refinished) before Friday, because the new desk is being delivered then. So Sam came over tonight, I threw the contents of the desk into a laundry basket, a couple of boxes, and onto a variety of horizontal surfaces, and we set out to get the thing out of the office. It turns out that it will fit through the door if you remove the leveling feet. One of them was permanently attached, but permanence turns out to be a transient thing in this case. :)

The desk went in one minivan, the return in another, and daisy_knotwise, Sam, and I headed into Chicago, where we offloaded the stuff into the garage. Then I helped Sam exile the Dresser O'Doom into the garage to join the desk.

After this, we were ready for dinner, so we all (now including Bonnie) piled into our van and headed to a nice little Mexican restaurant in their neighborhood.

Sometime in the next two days, Gretchen plans to clean where the old desk stood. Dust? What dust?
Tags: home, musings

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