Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

You Just Might Be A Cubs Fan

The Cubs beat the White Sox today, 15-11, in a game remarkable for the amount of offense that was occurring, wind or no wind, given the starting pitchers, Zambrano and Buehrle. The Sox scored two in the top of the first, the Cubs scored seven in the bottom of the first, and it was off to the races.

Meanwhile, the following thoughts that result from watching the game:

If your team scores seven runs in the bottom of the first and you're worrying that they may need to do some more scoring, you just might be a Cubs fan.

If you -- and everyone else in the ballpark (including the pitcher) -- is wondering why your starting pitcher has come out to start the seventh inning despite having thrown nearly 100 not very effective pitches that have miraculously left him with the lead against the second best team in baseball, you just might be a Cubs fan.

If your team has scored 11 runs and has a five run lead going to the bottom of the seventh and the home team announcer concludes singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame by saying "Let's get some runs!" -- and you end up needing them, you just might be a Cubs fan.

If your team has scored 11 runs and you're praying for rain after the fifth inning because it's an official game and you have the lead, you just might be a Cubs fan.

If you're hoping the opponents don't get the tying run on deck, because that would create a save situation and the manager might decide to bring in your closer, you just might be a Cubs fan.

If the best thing that happens to your team this year is beating the White Sox one game out of three, you just might be a Cubs fan.
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