Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Reverb Games

Shortly after we finished mixing Crossroads, Gretchen and I picked up PCM91 and M3000 reverb boxes to upgrade the studio. Of course, we've had nothing to mix since then, so I've forgotten most of what I learned when I hooked up the boxes.

Last night, I went down to the studio and spent some time reacquainting myself with the beasts. I'm nothing like proficient with them yet, but I did manage to set up some reverb fields for "Since I Fell" that sounded pretty reasonable. I'm using a bit more reverb on the song than I normally would, because it's basically a Beatles pastiche and you really *need* a certain level of reverb there.

The good news is that the reverb levels passed Gretchen's inspection, so I (and the new gear) must be doing something right.
Tags: filk, musings

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