Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

In Stock? I Think Not!

So we were looking for a fairly simple combination of bath hardware in a not overly artsy brushed nickel pattern: a double towel bar, an 18 inch towel bar (originally two, but we eventually decided to swap one of them for a towel ring instead), and a toilet paper holder with two closed ends as opposed to one of these artsy things where it can slide off the end while you're trying to unroll it. We went to Lowe's in Rolling Meadows. None of the designs we liked had all of the parts. So we went to Home Depot on the far side of Schaumburg and found a very nice design, but there were no double towel bars in stock. There was a towel bar in the right spot, but it was of some other design. We finally found all the parts at the Lowe's in Schaumburg. Sheesh.

Then we went to Baker's Square to get the key lime pie that daisy_knotwise had been lusting after all night. After standing waiting for five minutes for someone to come out and acknowledge our presence, we decided to give up and leave.

Obviously, these were not the calories that we were looking for.

In the meantime, we've reviewed the tracks for Falling Toward Orion to see what we still need and I've sent an e-mail off to Rick Weiss in answer to the Worldcon Filk Program Questionnaire, so maybe it's time to give up and go to bed.
Tags: filk, home, musings

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