Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Running Toward the Happy Endings

If you've read For Better Or For Worse for a while, you're probably aware that the strip will be ending before too long when Lynn Johnston's current contract with the syndicate ends and she retires. So I've been watching carefully as the author moves the characters around the board like chess pieces to get everyone into the position she intends to leave them in when all is said and drawn.

Elly's sold the store and is thinking about a comfortable retirement with John. Of course, when April heads off for college, the Patterson homestead will be much too large for them. But that's ok, because Michael and Deanna are going to be in desperate need of a place to move into with their two children before too long, not just for space, but to get away from the neighbors from hell, even if it means giving up the landlord from heaven. So I expect that they'll be buying the place eventually as John and Elly move to a condo or apartment.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth is -- I'm pretty sure! -- about to be dumped by her boyfriend, Paul, in favor of the new teacher and old friend of his up in Mtigwaki. Heck, he didn't want to move to Toronto anyway. And Anthony, Elizabeth's old boyfriend, has now been thorougly dumped by his cheating wife, along with baby daughter. In contrast to the previous time when they spoke, Anthony's now got his head on straight -- I recall the reader complaints at the time -- so the previous barriers to their relationship are all about to go bye-bye.

And today, Elizabeth's off to Gordon's car dealership, because she needs a car. Of course, Anthony's working for Gordon, so I'm just betting they'll be running into each other shortly.

Knight takes pawn, check.
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