Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper


I've been squashing bugs all day at work, so I'm looking forward to taking a night off from recording as daisy_knotwise, catalana, Sam, Bonnie, Jerry, and I head down to the Loop to see our Chicago production of Wicked. Unfortunately, we didn't know that decadent_dave would be in town when we got the tickets or we would have grabbed one for him too, but he assures us that he's got plenty to read and will be fine for the evening.

I haven't read the book that the musical is based on, but I know bits and pieces of the plotline from many reviews. We'll see how it is.

And maybe I can steal enough magic from it to get my tapes to show up in the mail. The Post Office tells Gretchen that we're still within the window for delivery of first class mail from Indianapolis, leading me to wonder what the meaning of "first class" is, since someone could have walked here with the tapes by this time.
Tags: filk, home, musings, work
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