Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Deletion Demolition Derby

The spam filter on my Speakeasy shell account's e-mail is broken and has been for some time. No matter what I do on the web interface to try to turn on the spam filtering, nothing changes. I mean, I press the button to enable the spam filter and the screen replots and shows that the filter still isn't enabled and nothing goes to the spam bucket.

Now, it's not that I actually use that account, but it would be good if the spam went to the spam bucket in case I ever get a real message there. So I filed a service request.

The tech working on the problem deleted my shell account with all the saved e-mail and replaced it with a brand-new useless shell account of a different name.

I have a new tech now who is getting operations to restore my account from a backup. At least I didn't save any mail today.

Tags: musings, tech

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