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The Incredible Bozos

Ok, so I've commented before on how the bozos at Express Scripts managed to send a heat-sensitive prescription to arrive on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend at my office address, so it could sit in the heat and become useless. And I've told of how the customer service representative took offense at my suggestion that doing this was "stupid", but that the pharmacist she transferred me to disagreed and said she would send me a replacement prescription.

Which didn't get shipped until I called back to find out where it was.

And when it came, it didn't come with a return mailer for the heat-damaged prescription. But it did come with an invoice.

And after the fourth phone call on this fiasco, the return mailer finally arrived and was used to dispatch the heat-damaged prescription back to Express Scripts.

Who did credit my account for the amount of the charge for the prescription.

But who did not put the refill back on the prescription, so that I would need to go back and get a new prescription three months earlier than would normally be necessary.

And who could not get the clue when I called them that what I wanted was not the money (which I could see from my online statement was more or less fine), but to get the refill put back on the prescription.

I'm told it will be there again within 48 hours.

We'll see.
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