Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Lurching Toward Worldcon

The very rough mix CDs are duplicated and ready to mail to the assorted participants on the album. The ISFiC Press posters and display pieces are ready to go (now that I've remembered the last one that I needed). The inventory list is printed, but still needs to be filled in. There are five boxes plus the luggage still to go in the van. And the empty bags. And the C-clamps to hold up the extra grid for ISFiC Press. The songs for the Pegasus Nominees concert (that I've received so far) are printed out to go in my filk book. I've printed out Amy's instructions for raygun sales.

I still need to Mapquest the trip there and back.

Why do I keep thinking I'm forgetting something?

Update: That would be the handout for the workshop that I'm doing on Writing Music With Your Guitar. Printed out and tucked into the notebook.
Tags: cons, filk, musings, worldcon

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