Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Second Class Fans

Meanwhile, I've been given to understand that just because you're on the filk program at LACon IV, doing panels and workships and the like, that doesn't mean that you're a program participant. Fascinating. I thought we gave up that sort of thing 30 years ago. But maybe not.

In the meantime, I wrote this:

Words: Bill Roper
Music: "Second Hand Songs" by Jonathan Turner
Copyright 2006

Second Class Fans

Thirty years I'm in fandom, plus or minus a few
And I've seen lots of blunders, and I've made one or two.
And I work on conventions -- I help out where I can,
But for all that I do, seems my fandom's not true.
I'm a second class fan.

I'm a second class fan, I sing songs late at night.
I give workshops and panels, but they say it's not right
To put me on the program though I do what I can.
Seems they just need to say that while I'm in L.A.
I'm a second class fan.

I was on the filk program at LACon Four.
Thought I might get a ribbon, but they showed me the door.
Such things are reserved, not for our calloused hands.
Seems we don't have the clout, so the Green Room is out
For us second class fans.

Now Columbus likes filkers and Chicago does too
And I bet Kansas City wouldn't have done what you do.
We write songs to remember so we won't do this again.
We will vote for a site where they treat filkers right
And we're not second class fen.

Update: Fixed a wordo where I typed a homonym in my sleep-deprived state back in Grand Junction, Colorado. Thanks, Murray!
Tags: cons, filk, lyrics, musings, worldcon
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