Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Convention Center Kabuki

The most entertaining part of move out at the Convention Center after Worldcon was the scheme that had been devised so that we didn't have to pay the nine dollar parking charge to bring our vehicles in to fill them with our stuff and then drive away. An LACon IV volunteer sat on a lawn chair outside the gate. As you pulled up, she'd hand you a blue parking pass. You would then drive to the gate, where the attendant would carefully scrutinize the pass while the volunteer walked to the other side of the gate. He would then raise the gate, you would drive through and hand the pass back to the volunteer, and she would go back to her lawn chair to wait for the next vehicle.

All wonderfully stylized and silly. Don't you just love bureaucratic regulations?

(That said, I was happy to avoid paying the nine dollars and am not complaining. I'm merely amused. :) )
Tags: cons, musings, worldcon

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