Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper


We left Las Cruces at the leisurely hour of 10 AM, arriving in Midland a bit before 5:30 PM, counting the time change back to Central time. The 80 MPH speed limit is quite nice and lasted from outside of El Paso to the county that Odessa is in. However, it's a daytime speed limit only, so just as well that we waited until the next day so we weren't condemned to drive 65 MPH (or break the law in some substantial fashion).

I've now converted their wireless router to use a 128-bit key which Judy has printed out and put in a safe place.

Geek Squad, bah! (Ok, there was some wireless security, which is more than I can say for their neighbors. :) )
Tags: cons, musings, tech, worldcon
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