Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

No Boom Today

We had a great time visiting bedlamhouse and ladyat's new place down in Danville, Indiana. In the evening, min0taur, Sally, tollers, and Jen joined us for dinner and a bit (not nearly enough :) ) music. We bugged out right after dinner at about 9:45 Eastern time and made it back to Chicago in about four hours. We would have done better than this, except Indiana 39 headed off into a long detour as we tried to take it north from Danville to Lebanon; then the River Road toll plaza on the Northwest Tollway was an absolute mess from construction. Par would have been about 3.5 hours, I think.

We arrived home to find the house still here, but an alarm going off in the basement. Apparently, an enormous can of "denatured alcohol solvent" decided to develop a pinhole leak and the basement is now saturated with ethanol and methanol fumes. Our gas detector is having a fit. If it doesn't give up, sooner or later I'll unplug it so we can get some sleep, having opened all the windows in the basement to give the stuff a chance to dissipate after removing the box that the can had been in -- along with its alcohol-sodden contents -- to the backyard.

Meanwhile, we're hoping that fuzzbucket_cat will forgive us for our two week absence, but he's sulking in the back yard right now. I don't think he likes the gas alarm either.
Tags: filk, home, musings, vacation

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