Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Say what?

Ok, that should do.

So, Gretchen and I watched the series finale for Frasier and enjoyed it. It was funny, well-written, and all of the things that we like about the show. Frasier going to a job in San Francisco was a bit of a surprise, as we'd thought he'd wind up in Chicago, and I'm not sure he'll ever get Charlotte, "the love of his life" as the ads said, out of Chicago, but maybe not knowing is a good way to leave it.

Then we watched ER. Ok, now we're thoroughly confused.

Dr. Galant (who Gretchen thought was serious eye candy) has been dispatched to Iraq and effectively written out of the series. Dr. Carter carried away his box o'stuff from the hospital with absolutely no comment that we saw. Does this mean that the producers hope to get him back for another season against all odds?

Neela's obviously going to find a way to come back, because otherwise she'd be staying at U of M. (Dermatology. Right.)

Neither of us believes that Sam is really gone, because someone's got to keep Kovac busy, and we don't think it's likely to be Abby.

The teasers led us to believe that Kerry was going to do something stupid. Apparently, not this season.

And Pratt and Chen are being fired upon on Lower Wacker. I hope he got the Autostick in that thing he's driving.

So, we're just counting the survivors...
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