Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

This Should Be Simple

I was going to update the Filker website tonight. But apparently not.

Before Worldcon, a Speakeasy tech who got my trouble ticket through the web-based system deleted my shell account in a fit of "Let's try this". I called the help line on the phone and had it restored, but apparently it's not restored quite right, at least as far as getting access to the website data goes. I put a ticket in through the web-based system, which resulted in a tech helpfully clearing my password instead of actually doing anything useful about the fact that I can't access my website data.

So I got on the phone and got someone competent who is going to try to get this straightened out.

This is twice in a row that using the web-based support system has resulted in useless or destructive behavior. I think I'm strongly incented to pick up the phone from now on.
Tags: musings, tech

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