Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

The Fuzzbucket Report

fuzzbucket_cat has had better days. Apparently, his right cheek contained an abscess of enormous size that resulted from a puncture wound and scratches from a cat fight at some undetermined time. This might explain why he's been reluctant to go out for some months, but since April?

The thing suddenly bumped up as a lump yesterday; then started leaking blood out of his eye socket this afternoon. We decided that it was definitely time to take him to the vet. She squeezed a bunch more crap out and decided that he was going to need surgery. She sent us home, because it was going to take a while. It took a good bit longer than she'd anticipated.

She's got him stitched together, but he lost a lot of tissue on the right side of his face, so it'll be a while before we know how he's going to look. But his eye will close normally and his lip seems to be ok, so those are good things. He's going to need to wear a cone for two weeks and he's not going to like that at all.

He's under anesthesia and isn't going to wake up for another couple of hours, at which point daisy_knotwise will pick him up and bring him home, since he isn't likely to sleep well at the vet's, which he regards as kitty cat hell.

And that's the news...
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