Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

A Story For Today

I was late getting into work today, because of the entertainment with fuzzbucket_cat yesterday. The newspaper vending machines are out the back door, so I walked through the building and out the back door, where I found an Islamic-looking and sounding fellow talking on a cellphone. He gestured at one of the locked facility doors on the back of the building that was labeled something like "Fire System Door" and said, "Can you open this for me?"

Why me? Damned if I know. Apparently, if I was silly enough to walk out the back door, I was apparently someone who should have a key to this locked door. I told him, "Sorry, I don't have a key," and proceeded to snag my newspaper as he wandered in another door to the building and then back out, all while still talking on his cellphone.

Well, this was all moderately stupid, so I stuck my head into the building office and told them that there was some damned fool in back of the building who wanted the Fire System Door unlocked. They said they'd take care of it and I headed upstairs to work.

On my way out, I stopped and chatted with the building security guard who had been in the building office getting ready to go on shift when I had let them know what was up. It turns out that the fellow was one of the tenants who was having a problem with his cable TV connection. Along with all the fire alarm wiring, all of the cable and Internet wiring also runs through that room. However, tenants don't get into that room -- only contractors from the companies that are actually responsible for maintaining the wiring.

Just for the record, I would have stuck my head into the building office for this level of stupidity, regardless of the ethnicity involved or the particular date it occurred.
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