Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

The busiest man on television

Ok, maybe he really isn't, but...

Steven Culp has a recurring role on four of the TV series that we watch: Enterprise, ER, JAG, and The West Wing. Given that we don't watch that much TV, running into him that much is a bit surprising, more so when we tuned into CSI on a lark and caught him in a guest role there a few weeks ago.

He'll be a bit less busy next year. Major Hayes got killed on Enterprise on Wednesday; long-running character Clayton Webb got killed on JAG on Friday.

I understand that he'll be back on West Wing and ER next year. This is good. (And Gretchen and I like his single father ER character better than the British doctor who's also chasing after Elizabeth...)
Tags: musings, tv

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