Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

I Can See Clearly Now

One of the things that's probably contributed to my recent spate of colds is that my right contact lens has been really irritating. I'd noticed a spot on the lens that I couldn't manage to remove, despite my best efforts, that had been there for quite a while. Since I was out of replacement lenses and due for a trip to my friendly optometrist anyway, I headed in there on Monday.

Well, it turned out that God himself could not remove the bit of gunk that came from a gland under my eyelid that had been inflamed at one time or another and that had deposited the gunk that had become one with the lens. My prescription hadn't changed, so Dr. Fostiak ordered up a new set of lenses, switching me to a different kind of toric lens for my right eye, since the previous lens had never been entirely comfortable. In the meantime, I decided to give my eyes a rest and switch to my glasses for a few days.

I went in and picked up the new lenses today over lunch. They're great! (Cue best Tony the Tiger voice.)

With luck, this will help curtail the succession of colds that I've had for the last month or so.
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