Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Sort of an OVFF Report

I had a fine time at OVFF. I had a chance to chat with some of my friends, to do a bit of singing (despite having a fairly raw voice), and even to get a completely inadequate amount of sleep (for which I'm paying today).

The Pegasus Nominees concert went well. catalana managed to keep things moving to the point where the concert could have been run in two hours with no intermission. I'm hoping that the committee will decide to drop the intermission next year, since two hours is within the reasonable length range. There were many kickass performances given, which is a fine thing. And where else but a Pegasus concert would you see one nominee playing backup for another person who was nominated in the same category? :)

On the personal level, The Destroyer didn't win its category, but I didn't expect it to and was simply delighted that it had been nominated. And I enjoyed singing Don Simpson's Ship of Stone as a more upbeat number. Heck, that was a song written by the survivors! They won. (The song didn't win, but that's a different thing altogether. I'm talking about the protagonists...)

I ended up not singing on Friday night, as it was really too late to get started after getting dinner after the Pegasus concert. But on Saturday, the "old fogey" crowd took over the main room (the "kids" were in the hall :) ) and I had a fine time singing with min0taur, Sally, tollers, quadrivium, ladyat, bedlamhouse, weirdsister (who has only been playing guitar since July and has nothing to apologize for), George, catalana (who I guess is an honorary old fogey), Dorotha, sexybass, sueposter, gorgeous_gary, Sheryl, Art, Kathy Mar, and other folks who have plumb evaded me in my current foggy state.

There was way too much traffic and construction on the way home, so we got home very late.

But it was still a fine time.
Tags: cons, filk, musings
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