Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Unexpectedly Watching the World Series

Tommy Lasorda notwithstanding, I tend not to pay a tremendous amount of attention to the World Series when there's no team in it that I'm interested in. (Talk to daisy_knotwise and you may find out that the amount of attention I pay is still "pretty fair"...) But the Cardinals are, much to my surprise, in the Series and have managed to win at least one more game than some folks expected so that they've headed back to St. Louis with it all tied up at a game a piece.

Now I have a stupid number of vocal parts to record down in the studio. But my voice (although improving) isn't quite ready to handle that yet. So I have the perfect excuse for watching the game.

I just have to avoid shouting at the television.
Tags: baseball, cardinals, filk, home, musings
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