Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Closer to Fine

Well, I've now got vocals down for Sharing and Look At Me, including some backup parts in each case. daisy_knotwise convinced me that it was better to go for performance than for absolute purity on the latter song and overall I have to agree with her.

I'll probably try retaking Falling Toward Orion tomorrow to see if I can improve on it and we'll take a run at the duets. But we now have enough stuff recorded to be ready for the weekend's recording session, which is good.

The bad news is that I had been looking at taking Monday off to finish catalana's recording if needed. However, a "can't miss" meeting has been scheduled for Monday morning. On the other hand, given the hours we keep in the studio, I bet I can go to the meeting and come home to record without actually missing any productive time. Sleep, on the other hand...
Tags: filk, musings, work

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