Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Musical Weekend Continues

daisy_knotwise picked up Dorotha from the airport and I picked up catalana from the train station. We then met for dinner and plotted strategy.

On Saturday, we got most of Dorotha's backup lines for my album and catalana's album done before heading up to alymid and greenmansgrove's place for catalana's house concert and subsequent filk, which were much fun.

Today, we finished recording Dorotha's parts. singlemaltsilk came by to lay down a scratch track for the backup line on Average SCAdian Girl, which was very good of her (and Bob, who is helping her while she deals with her broken ankle)! Later, we had dinner, and dropped Dorotha off at the airport. Then we came back and recorded some more of catalana's parts. I also recorded a few parts this weekend, as did daisy_knotwise.

There are still several vocal parts that need to be recorded, but we should catch those tomorrow. Then, if we can get the rest of the instrumentals down, we'll be ready to mix.

If WindyCon weren't next week, this would be simpler...
Tags: filk, home, musings
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