Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Everybody Loves Two and a Half Men Who Met Your Mother

The above was the title of last night's SpaceTime Theater show, despite the absence of Sam, who was at home being really sick. (We missed you, Sam!) Because Opening Ceremonies broke early, we weren't able to keep as much of the audience around as we might have hoped, but the still-fairly-substantial group of folks there laughed early and often. Fortunately, we were doing an all-improv show, so we were able to more easily work around Sam's absence.

In an unusual move, I subbed for Sam in the second half of Who Am I?, a bit where the victim is supposed to guess what person he is based on clues provided by the rest of the cast. For a change, I was pretty befuddled, guessing people such as Lou Piniella, George Bush, Ken Skilling, and Johnny Depp before finally settling on the correct choice of Michael Jackson.

At least I didn't have to moonwalk. :)
Tags: cons, musings, spacetime, windycon

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