Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

WindyCon Survived

catalana's and my concert went well, save for the fact that the dance floor in front of the stage had been cleared of chairs for the whip demonstration that preceded us, so the audience was a long way off. At some point during the concert, the hotel staff showed up to add more chairs, but we persuaded them to just drop them off and we'd set them up afterwards, which actually worked pretty well.

I enjoyed sitting on the Legion of Super-Heroes panel with Fan GoH Priscilla Olson and our Chair Pat Sayre McCoy. Later, Erica ran for and I auctioned along with Bob, Mike, and daddy_guido who will shortly be the proud possessor of a simply terrifying number of unicorns, courtesy (mostly) of Dave McCarty. daisy_knotwise and I bought several small pieces for each other, which was good. I dropped by the ISFiC Press release part for our Author GoH Jack McDevitt's new collection, Outbound, and chatted for a few minutes there before heading off toward the filk where I eventually arrived and sang a few things as part of the late shift.

I still need to chat with tollers about Capricon, but I first need to do some coordination with Richard, who's running the Internet Cafe there and he's been underwater at work, so... But it was good to hear Debbie sing.

Erica helped us pack out and we grabbed dinner before I ran her to the train station and Gretchen went back to snag the WindyCon deposit from our new Treasurer, Tom. Now we've done a bit of pick up and put away before the cleaning lady arrives tomorrow and I'm catching up on the e-mail.

Boy, am I tired! :)
Tags: cons, musings, windycon

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