Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Yet another learning experience

When we bought our house eight years ago, we had paid the builder extra to get elongated toilets instead of round toilets. (It's a big guy thing.) During the walkthrough before closing, Gretchen noticed that they'd put the round toilets in anyway. "Oops. We'll take care of that." And they did. In the worst possible way, as it turned out.

One of the upstairs toilets soon developed a leak. We fixed it. The other upstairs toilet developed a leak. We fixed it.

A wise man would have inspected the downstairs toilet some seven years ago.

So when we noticed the toilet was seriously leaking and wobbling back and forth when we sat on it, we decided to pull the bowl and take a look (with help from our friend Sam).

It's been leaking into the floor for a long time. The floor is going to have to be rebuilt, because the floorboard is completely rotten.

Tags: home, musings
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