Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Death by Sanitation Engineer

Because Thursday was Thanksgiving, our normal garbage pickup was postponed from Friday until Saturday. Since we ran out of here at high speed last Thursday, we didn't get to dump most of the garbage, although I did put out the boxes from the baby furniture (which our neighbor found highly suspicious :) ). So we figured to get rid of the rest of the boxes from things like the car seat and the ton of recycling. And then I decided to make space in the basement by flattening and disposing of the many boxes of dubious value that we'd collected down there. (Some boxes were worth saving for shipping CDs in, but I needed to separate the sheep from the goats.) I also threw out the broken VCR, the broken cassette deck, the old chandelier...

You start to picture a largish mound of trash.

Our neighbors, however, are redoing their family room. So they have dumped the torn up carpet, all of the family room furniture, plus the usual amount of trash belonging to a family of four.

So all of this is there on a day when our resident sanitation engineers really just want to get things picked up and get out of here.

I think we're in trouble...
Tags: home, musings

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