Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Back to Work

daisy_knotwise missed her opportunity for a nap today (well-earned, but unavailable due to bad timing), so she's crawled off to bed since the cleaning woman is showing up at 8:00 AM tomorrow whether she's ready or not. This leaves me awake and on LJ.

I went back to work today and discovered that something is preventing my computer (and mine only) from running our software in the debugger, where I watch it load a different version of ComCtl32.DLL than anyone else is using and then crash in the kernel. Oh, joy. Oh, bliss. This is what I get for loading Microsoft's beta version of their AJAX support, I suspect. Unfortunately, uninstalling their AJAX didn't make the DLL or the problem go away.

It did, however, waste an entire day at work.
Tags: home, musings, work
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