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Bill Roper's Journal
Track Meet 
3rd-Dec-2006 06:40 pm
So I'm looking at the vocal track that I recorded for the bridge of Where Are You Going? and concluded that -- now that we have the tom line -- it's just way too low. I really need to retrack it an octave up and see what catalana thinks of it. But I don't want to bother daisy_knotwise who is taking care of Katie.

Of course, this track is just on the bridge. So I patch everything together, enable record, and hit the buttons. Then I run around to the recording booth, close the doors, put on the headphones, wait for it to come around on the guitar, sing the bridge, remove the headphones, open the doors, run back to the engineering room, and hit stop on the recorder.

I have ADAT remotes. I wonder if they work with headphone extension cords...
4th-Dec-2006 11:08 am (UTC)
This all sounds *so* familiar!

Trying desperately to decide which octave the pseudo-clarinet backing on Sleep Soundly would sound better in... (octave down, the voice itself sounded better; octave up it fitted better into the song)

Doing vocals on Delenn, peering at the "meters" on the computer screen from the far corner of my office - yay for good eyesight, directional microphones and the inverse square law!

Though at least with CuBase I could set markers for automatic start and stop of recording, so there was slightly less of the "running back to hit stop" to worry about.

Was also amused to hear from Erica at the weekend that she's still driving her instrumentalists to agonised cries of "*What* key?".. *grin*
4th-Dec-2006 06:29 pm (UTC)
Oh, yeah. The fortunate thing is that Frankenbass (which is actually a mutant electric baritone guitar) will take a capo... :)
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