Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

That Wasn't a Crash of Cymbals

When I built the studio computer, one of the mirrored 120 GB Western Digital Caviar drives failed early on. I swapped it for a new one under warranty. The second drive may or may not still be under warranty -- I'd have to check -- but it appears to have failed. Now the good news is that the drive is mirrored, so I shouldn't have lost any data. We'll see if that's actually true, as the drive is being a bit intermittent and the system wants to rebuild the array, so I'm letting it take a run at it.

The problem is that I really need an eSATA port to connect my external mirrored hard drive box to and the eSATA card that I bought -- apparently all of them, actually -- is incompatible with the Promise Technology RAID support on the motherboard. But I went online and just found a card with one eSATA and three internal SATA ports and RAID support. So I've ordered that card from one supplier and two new 400 GB SATA drives from Fry's (with a five year warranty). Total cost with expedited shipping is less than $400, which seems pretty cheap right now, given that the computer that I'm mixing on could start kicking its little legs in the air at any moment.

This does mean that I won't be uploading MP3s for catalana to listen to tonight (or when she gets back from Germany). *sigh*
Tags: filk, musings, tech

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