Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

That Was The Year That Was

Post the first sentence of each "real" post that you made in each month of this year. Ok, sure...

daisy_knotwise and I had a good time at Dave and Helen's party last night.

So daisy_knotwise and I went to see the London production of The Producers today.

For my friends down in Atlanta, this five-minute video shows the result when a group of young people decide to obey the traffic laws.

Ok, I'm up stupidly late.

catalana mentioned that one of the topics they're covering in her classes this semester is why someone should bother to vote in a population with a large number of eligible voters, given the vanishingly small chance that one vote will make a difference.

My tendency in life is to believe that problems have solutions.

Two of the three new ceiling fans are now installed after an afternoon of labor by me and daisy_knotwise.

Looking over the completed listings on eBay, I discover that the amount I paid for my Roland GR-33 via Buy It Now wasn't such a bad price after all.

Texas is big.

We finished the edits to catalana's lead vocals today, experimented with various harmonies, replaced tarkrai's line on Saturday Nights as it was a bit more aggressive than would actually work with the song, and looked at some stuff for my album.

When I fly to a convention, I usually take my trusty Guild 6-string and try to carry it on.

The good news is that the sleet started here last night and continued until around 5 AM, with the result that we had a moderate amount of ice under five to six inches of snow instead of the sixteen inches of snow places further north got.
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